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Chinese province to appoint "industrial chain chiefs" to promote high-quality development

Feb 20, 2021 02:37:26 PM
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Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province will introduce an "industrial chain chief" scheme to promote the high-quality development of industrial chains.

The governor will serve as chief-general of the industrial chain, and vice governors will be chiefs, according to the provincial government work report delivered at the ongoing annual session of the provincial legislature.

The scheme aims to connect the key links of the upstream and downstream of industrial chains, and forge a long-term mechanism by participating in the communication and coordination of the upstream and downstream enterprises.

The move will help make precise efforts in multiple areas including factor guarantee, market demand and policy support, according to the report.

A breadbasket and petroleum base of China, Heilongjiang has seven key industrial chains including the petrochemical sector and corn processing.

Cities, prefectures and economic zones of the province will have their own key industrial chains and implement the scheme together, the report noted.

Heilongjiang also plans to promote the expansion and upgrade of the 15 key industries this year, covering sectors each with a total annual turnover of at least 100 billion yuan (15.49 billion U.S. dollars).

Besides, the intensive processing of agricultural products and by-products will be developed into a pillar industry, while the industrial cluster of high-end manufacturing, such as automaking, will be cultivated, the report added. Enditem

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