New Zealand-Guangdong Commodity Exhibition Centre opens fresh platform for bilateral trade

Oct 29, 2020 01:48:35 PM 

The newly-established New Zealand-Guangdong Commodity Exhibition Centre in Auckland has opened up a fresh platform for bilateral trade between China and New Zealand, said trade experts on Wednesday.

The exhibition center, after more than two months' preparation, is now showcasing high quality products manufactured by over 100 trade enterprises from 13 cities in China's Guangdong province.

Products that are currently on display in the center include household appliances, building materials, food produce and technology products. Further development of the center will see an increased variety of products from Guangdong.

Martin Thomson, head of New Zealand-China Trade Association and a member of the New Zealand-China Council, talked about the trade relations between New Zealand and China, and particularly Guangdong in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony.

"Guangdong is a major source of investment and trade to New Zealand, and in COVID-19-free times, a significant source of tourists and international students," said Thomson.

Thomson believed that China has a role to play in contributing to the supply of housing and other buildings in New Zealand and to the reduction in building costs in New Zealand.

Ruan Ping, Chinese Consul General in Auckland, spoke highly of New Zealand's Go Hard and Go Early strategy in combating COVID-19 and the efforts in reviving the economy.

"With concerted efforts across the country, China has achieved remarkable results in fighting the COVID-19 and reviving the economy. China's economy has recovered strongly and is the only major global economy that has achieved positive growth this year," Ruan said.

"New Zealand has succeeded in preventing and controlling the pandemic. People's lives have returned to the right track, and the economy has been reorganized. Its trade with China has developed strongly, which has effectively led the recovery of New Zealand's economy."

"At present, China is vigorously building a new development pattern in which the domestic big cycle is the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other. This will lay a firmer foundation and broader space for China-New Zealand economic and trade cooperation, and add greater impetus to the recovery and growth of the world economy," added Ruan.

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