China's video sharing platform expands cooperation with BBC Studios

Nov 05, 2020 04:18:41 PM 

China's popular online entertainment platform Bilibili and BBC Studios have announced a strategic cooperation agreement to expand collaboration on documentary productions.

According to the agreement, Bilibili and BBC Studios will jointly produce natural documentary blockbusters, including The Green Planet and The Mating Game.

China's sci-fi mogul Liu Cixin will join the production of a new science documentary series, Odyssey into the Future, one of the collaborative projects, said Bilibili.

The two companies said that they would also promote their cooperation on content producing and IP developing.

More than 3,000 documentaries have been launched on Bilibili, with more than 83.36 million active viewers, according to Li Ni, vice chairperson and COO of Bilibili.

"I hope we can combine the two companies' advantages to jointly explore more diversified content and bring more original Chinese cultural products overseas," she said.

China is one of the most dynamic and promising markets in the world, said Jon Penn, executive vice president of BBC Studios Asia Pacific. The cooperation with Bilibili, where many young Chinese users gather, will help BBC Studios further explore the potential of China's content industry, he added.

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